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Anyone who has ever had to deal with a city sewer, septic tank or even a grease trap knows all about clogs and back-ups.

Soap scum residue, grease, hair, food, mineral deposits and more can all cause a drain to back up. As much as people try to be careful with what they send down the drain, it is almost inevitable that these things will at some time pass through eventually causing backups.

Local Plumbing Service can inspect your pipe and sewer lines with state-of-the-art sewer line inspection cameras.

Sewer inspection allows us to actually get inside the pipes and see what the problems are and where they lie.

About Us

LPS, we are your local plumbing residential repair and service company. LPS focuses strictly on residential plumbing services, here to protect our customers and ensure their plumbing system functions properly and comfortably! Locally owned and operated, we strive daily to provide the most professional, friendly, and timely service our customers deserve.

From highly advanced top of the line products to the standard grade, from new to old, we specialize in almost every aspect related to your plumbing. What allows us to do this is 20 Plus years in plumbing, In Austin!! Texas State Licensed and fully insured. There isn’t much we haven’t seen, from water treatment and conditioning systems to solar water heating systems and all in between! Please refer to the list below to see a brief list of the services we provide!

What people are saying!

Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers

Reviewed by Forrest H.


Punctual. Professional. Friendly. Courteous.

These are only some of the attributes exhibited by Tim Jordan. Tim arrived at my house at approximately 3:45, and by 6:00, he had diagnosed the problem, provided me a clear explanation for the paperwork, and installed a new water heater. It was such a seamless process.

I even left for a meeting, letting Tim have my house for the hour. He were extremely helpful, courteous, and are great ambassadors for his company. Thank you so much for your time.

Reviewed by Lisa P.


We were in desperate need of help. We hadn't had hot water for several days despite my husband's efforts to replace a broken ball valve water main shutoff. Tim Jordan came to our rescue and we will be forever grateful. Thank you and God Bless from the bottoms of our hearts.

Reviewed by Anthony T.


Local Plumbing Service was fantastic! Even the town inspector who came afterwards said what a wonderful job he does and that its always done the right way. I got their number from a friend, they were very accomodating to my wacky schedule, was reasonably priced, explained everything to me.

They also made sure I was aware of all the tax credits and PSNC rebate offered for installing my tankless water heater. Recommend Local Plumbing Service very highly and have every intention of using him for all my plumbing needs from now on!!

Here are some of the services we offer

  • Water Softener Installation and Service
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
  • Carbon Filtration: from the entire building to under your sink
  • New Water Line Installation: from moving fixtures to installing new ones, we are experienced with all types of delivery applications
  • Valve Replacement and Repair: from emergency shut-off valves near sinks and toilets to valves buried under ground to turn your water off in an emergency!
  • Water Leak Locating, Detection, and Repair: on various types of pipe, old and new!
  • Pressure Testing and Regulator Installation: Pressure Reducing Valves, or the PRV, can reduce your water pressure protecting your plumbing and lowering your water consumption
  • Heating Applications: such as water heaters (tank-less and tank type), Instant-Hot devices and small on demand water heaters
  • Appliance Water Supply: although we do not repair appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, ect. we DO provide reliable, professionally installed water supply to various appliances
  • All Drain Cleaning: From you shower or tub drains to the kitchen sink we can find the stoppage and in most cases identify the culprit!
  • Building Sewer Camera Services: An amazing tool to identify and actually see the ROOT of the problem!
  • Drain Pipe Testing and Leak Locating: We offer a wide range of testing procedures to identify and locate water leaks in your drainage system from toilets to building sewer drains under ground and under the home!
  • Drain Line Installation: From installing a brand new fixture, moving one, repairing a current drain connection, or line, regardless of its location
  • Whole Home Static Testing: This allows us to test your drain system as whole and determine its integrity, say when you’re buying or selling a home!
  • Gas Line Installation and Repair: From moving your water heater to getting gas to a new grill and more!
  • Combustible Gas Leak Locating: Through the use of highly advanced equipment and years of experience we can locate and repair leaks identified on your gas system
  • Gas Water Heater Service and Installation: If you’re interested in a tank-less water heater or need code upgrades we have the insight to get the issue resolved!
  • Garbage Disposal Service and Installation: Tired of that old, loud disposal? Or Maybe Stoppages related to yours? We service and install a variety of garbage disposals from the contactor grade to the high end: septic safe, triple stage grinding, with stainless steel blades, and ultra quiet disposal systems. You won’t believe how quiet they are!
  • Water Heater Service and Installation: With years of experience we can diagnose your problem, and get you hot water fast! Tired of running out of hot water? We install and relocate tank-less water heaters or we can replace your current tank-type water heater, in any situation, from the attic to the garage. Interested in Solar Water Heaters? We are City of Austin approved solar water heater installers. We will ensure your property and your household is safe with expert and code compliant installations.
  • Toilet Service and Installation: Tired of Plunging that old toilet or is you’re leaking and performing up to par? We can offer a solution from high end to low end toilets we can get you sitting on something that you don’t have to worry about!
  • Water Softeners and Treatment Systems: Offering advanced water treatment solutions is our mission! Most people do not realize the damaging effect of the hard water most distribution systems offer. Further filtration offers many benefits, including longer soap life, with some systems, and longer fixture life, such as your water heater or even faucets! Having treated water in your home not only tastes better, it saves you money!
  • Faucet Replacement and Repair: Is your faucet leaking, or maybe you’d enjoy a little more room! We can help! From touch activated faucets to your standard chrome faucet we can assist you in finding the right solution!